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2021 diary

Note: Depending on when Covid restrictions are lifted enabling us to return to the Reardon Smith Lecture Theatre, 
               the above programme from January to the end of September 2021 can be presented via Zoom if necessary.
              All Zoom talks commence at 10.30am, with the exception of the Talk on 12 June, which will commence at 


9 Saturday Talk: ‘Nantgarw Porcelain Works & Museum’ - Charles Fountain, Director (Gwen Williams)
30 Saturday Talk: ‘Marsquake!  NASA InSight Mission to Mars’ - Dr Anna Horleston (Christabel Hutchings)

13 Saturday
Talk: The Pembroke Chariot Burial Project – Dr Adam Gwilt (Christabel Hutchings)
27 Saturday
Talk: ‘Contemporary Art’ - Nick Thornton, Head of Fine & Contemporary Art, National Museum Wales (Gwen Williams)
  13 Saturday
Talk: ‘Picture Conservation’ - Dr Adam Webster, National Museum Wales - (Gwen Williams)
27 Saturday
Talk: ’Behind the Legend, Port Talbot and the making of Richard Burton’ - Angela V John (Gwen Williams)
4 Sunday
Easter Day
17 Saturday
Talk: ‘Development of the Llanberis Slate Museum’ - Cadi Iolen - (Gwen Williams)
8 Saturday
Talk: ‘Richard III (The King’s DNA)’ - Rhian Morgan (Janet Jones)
5 Saturday Talk: 'Memorialisation and Mining Disasters in South East Wales’ - (Christabel Hutchings)
12 Saturday
Talk: ‘Leonardo and the Royal Collection’ - Martin Clayton (Gwen Williams) (Note: Commences 11.00am) 
 3 Saturday Talk: ‘The Story of Wales in a Hundred Objects’ - Andrew Green (Roger Gagg)
18 Wednesday
Talk: ‘Significance & Consequence of the Versailles Settlement’ - Hefin Mathias (Gwen Williams)
4 Saturday
Talk: 'Civil War Rebel or Martyr?' John Poyer and South Wales in the 1640s’- Dr Lloyd Bowen (Richard Carter)
18 Saturday
Talk: ‘Frank Lloyd Wright’ - Jonathan Adams (Kathleen Jones)
  2 Saturday
Talk: ‘Artemisia Gentileschi’ - Judith Foy (Christabel Hutchings)
6 Saturday
Talk: ‘The Rhythms of Life’ - Professor Robert Pickard (Roger Gagg)
 11 Saturday
Talk: 'National Museum Wales and Covid' - David Anderson,
Director General, National Museum Wales (Gwen Williams)

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All Zoom talks commence at 10.30am,
with the exception of the Talk on 12 June, which will commence at 11.00am.

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