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5. A Milestone for Friends: Talk 4th January 2020

6. Reverend Thomas Thomas (1805-1881) by James Milo Griffith (1843-1897)

7. A Favourite Picture: Brenda Chamberlain’s Self Portrait

8. The Parting by James Tissot (1836-1902)

9. Poems and Pictures

10. Dorelia McNeill in the Garden at Alderney Manor by Augustus John

11. The Tombstone of Tadia Vallaunius

12. An Early Neanderthal

13 The Collector and Collecting

14. Volunteering at Amgueddfa Cymru

15. Who Was Girolamo Bardoletti?

16 & 17. Virtual Tour of Sudbrook: Part 1; Part 2

18. Visit to St Fagans: National Museum of History

19. Up and Running and Roaring: The Woolly Mammoths

20. St Fagans and the Lonely Planet

21. A Visit to St Woolos Cathedral, Newport

22. Becoming Richard Burton: Exhibition at National Museum Cardiff


23. Thomas Jones, Buildings in Naples


1. Friends’ Day Out in Worcester: 6th August 2019

2. Visit to Nantgarw China Works and Museum: 27th August 2019

3. Elgar and Hellens: 3rd October 2019

4. Visit to the National Collection Centre: 28th October 2019

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