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Two editions of our glossy 20 to 28 page magazine are published each year and posted to members.
Each edition contains interesting and informative feature articles relevant to members' interests, written by museum staff, guest writers and speakers
as well as those by members of the Friends..
Articles have covered such diverse subjects as: 15th century wall paintings, Bridges in Wales, Rings, Lady Llanover, St Fagans and the Other Earls,
the National Slate Museum, the Stonehenge Bluestones, Dickens and Merthyr Tydfil,
Shovelhead Worms and South Wales in 1803.
There are regular features which include Museum News, BAfM News, Friends' news, reports on Friends' tours and summaries of talks given to the Friends.

The content and images contained in the Friends' Newsletter and Magazine displayed on this website are covered by copyright
and must not be reproduced in any format without the express permission of the copyright holder.
If you have any queries regarding copyright issues, please contact:  editor@friendsmuseumwales.org.uk


Category Article Edition
Art, Botany A Passion for Plants:
Botanical Illustrations by Women Artists
Feb 2010 

Art, Botany Drawn from Nature: Botanical Illustrations Oct 2009

Art, Botany From the Botanical Illustration Collection: Bryan Poole June 2010
Art, Ceramics English Pottery at Amgueddfa Cymru Feb 2010 16 
Art, Ceramics Miners’ Mural, Llandough Hospital Oct 2010
Art, Ceramics Llandough Miners' Mural - update
Feb 2011

Art, Ceramics William Burges’s Tulip Vase for Cardiff Castle   
Oct 2016

Art, Drawing A Private Passion – Llareggub:
Peter Blake Illustrates Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood
Sept 2014

Art, Drawing Place in Wales:
Reconstructing Drawings from a Sketchbook by Francis Place
June 2011
Art, Dress Rowan Williams’ Enthronement Robes   
June 2013
Art, General Banksy versus Bristol Museum Feb 2010
Art, General Enchanted Heritage: Artistic Expression Amongst the Romans
Oct 2010
Art, General From the Abergavenny Workhouse to the V&A and Beyond  Feb 2013
Art, General Michael Edmonds: A Tribute Sept 2014 17 
Art, General Oriel y Parc, St David's
Feb 2010  17 
Art, General Stories from the Sea: A New Exhibition at Oriel y Parc
Oct 2011
Art, General The Emperor’s New Clothes or The Assassins of Beauty
Feb 2012
Art, General Welsh Artist William Goscombe John (1860-1952)
April 2016

Art: General & Museum
Commissioning an Artwork
April 2019    8
Art, Glass
John Petts: The Wales Window
Feb 2012 19 
Art, Glass, Painting
Heat Smoke & Tears: The Works of Maurice Marinot   
Oct 2016 10 
Art, History, Wales Medieval Paintings at Llancarfan Church Oct 2015 21
Art, History Sir Kyffin Williams (1918-2006) Oct 2018 16
Art, Jewellery
June 2010 20 
Art, Painting
A Love for Art: The Eric and Jean Cass Gift
Sept 2013
Art, Painting Brenda Chamberlain and the Carreg Murals, Bardsey  April 2017
Art, Painting Conservation of Thomas Henry Thomas’s Watercolour of Yellowstone Canyon
Oct 2016 16 
Art, Painting Every Picture Tells a Story
Feb 2011 17 
Art, Painting Felicity Charlton (1913-2009) April 2018 7
Art, Painting Francesco Guardi: A New Acquisition
Feb 2012 12 
Art, Painting Impressionist Painting on Loan
June 2012
Art, Painting James Dickson Innes (1887-1914)
March 2014
Art, Painting Lawrence Alma Tadema: Poetry & Prose 
April 2017 4  
Art, Painting Maximilian Lenz: A Secessionist in Cardiff
Feb 2013 15 
Art, Painting Ray Howard-Jones: Retrospective Exhibition
June 2013

Art, Painting Rembrandt in Focus
Feb 2010  15 
Art, Painting Rev John Cynddylan Jones and the SS Bala
April 2017 15
Art, Painting Searching for an Idiom: Brenda Chamberlain as Artist
Oct 2010
Art: Painting Shani Rhys James
Oct 2019    8
Art, Painting Still Life With Poron: A New Acquisition
Oct 2010 13 
Art, Painting Terry Setch RA
Feb 2010 
Art, Painting The 15th Century Wall-Paintings of St. Cadoc’s Church, Llancarfan
June 2010
Art, Painting The Eight: American Artists of the Early 20th Century
Oct 2009 18 
Art, Painting Thomas Henry Thomas Watercolour: Washing & Tinning Treforest Tin-plate Works   
Oct 2016 21 
Art, Painting Two Paintings of Margam House Acquired
Feb 2013 14 
Art, Painting Two Paintings, One Ship
June 2010 18 
Art, Painting Welsh Participation in the Development of Britain’s Maritime Empire
April 2016 23 
Art, Painting Worktown: The Drawings of Falcon Hildred
Sept 2013
Art: Painting & History: Social
Andrew Vicari: And Take That Painting Too
Oct 2019  24
Art: Painting & History: Wales
Van Gogh: Making Connections
April 2019   9
Art: Painting & Museum
Poor Taff: A Gift to Amgueddfa Cymru
Oct 2019 16
Art: Painting & Museum: St Fagans
St Teilo’s: The Weighing of Souls
Oct 2019   5
Art, Posters Railway Posters
March 2014 15 
Art, Print, History Cartoons of J M Staniforth March 2015
Art, Print, Botany Maria Sibylla Merian (1647-1717): Artist & Naturalist   
Oct 2016 12
Art, Print, Botany 16th Century Books in the Willoughby Gardner Library
April 2016
Art, Printing Shirley Jones and the Red Hen Press
June 2013 14 
Art, Printing The Gregynog Press Collection of Special Bindings  
Oct 2016
Art: Printing & Museum: Library Fore-edge Paintings
Oct 2019  14
Art: Printing & Museum: Library
Yoichirō Hirase’s Shell Book
April 2019  17
Art, Sculpture Chinese Jades at Amgueddfa Cymru
April 2016
Art, Sculpture Edith Downing (1857-1931): Artist and Activist
Feb 2013
Art, Sculpture The Sculptor Next Door: Frank Roper (1914-2000)
Oct 2009 11 
Art, Sculpture Theresa Nguyen
Oct 2010 14  
Art, Textiles Level V, Newport April 2017 17 


Categori Erthygl Rhifyn
Cymraeg, Biograffeg Cadi Iolen: Curadur 
April 2018 7
Cymraeg, Biograffeg
Cofio Taith Fawr Y Noddwr Hael June 2013  11  
Cymraeg: Cerddoriaeth
Y Pibgorn
Oct 2019 12
Cymraeg, Teithio Tro yn Andulucia June 2013 17  
Cymraeg, Teithio Abingdon a Kingston Bagpuize Oct 2011 9  
Cymraeg Dewi Sant: “Y Pethau Bychain” Oct 2009 20 
Cymraeg Medi 1966 Feb 2011 13  

Dance, Education, Engineering

Category Article
Folk Dancing in Wales Oct 2012 13
Education Educators and Curators: The Early days of the Museum Schools Service in Cardiff Oct 2009 22
Engineering, Civil Bridges in Wales June 2010 7
Engineering, Civil Proposed Newport Bridge: Almost the Largest in the World
April 2016 21
Engineering, Civil Watkin George (1759-1822) Oct 2010 19
Engineering, Mechanical The Pierhead Clock
Feb 2012 15
Engineering, Transport Tom Rolt – Centenary
June 2010 15


Category Article
Coal Seams & Copper: W. E. Logan and the Geological Map June 2012 8
Geology Malachite, Georgeite and Tinned Peas Feb 2013 7
Geology, Fossils A New Species of Fossil Crinoid Discovered in South Wales Sept 2014 22
Geology, Fossils Archaeopteryx: Feathers of Stone Feb 2012 16
Geology, Fossils Wales' newest dinosaur Oct 2015 21
Geology, Fossils Fossil Turtle Rediscovered Alter 150 Years
Feb 2013 12
Geology, Fossils Fossils in Stone: Acid Preparation of Fossils
Oct 2012 12
Geology, Fossils Golden Wonder: Rare Fossil Trilobite
Sept 2013 16
Geology, Fossils Wales' newest dinosaur Oct 2015 21 
Geology, Museum The De La Beche Archive at Amgueddfa Cymru
Oct 2009 10
Geology, Museum William Smith and the Birth of the Geological Map15
April 2016 15


Category Article Edition
History, Art Sites of Inspiration March 2015 15
History, Artefacts From the Seal Cupboard: Mary Magdalene at Goldcliff Oct 2009 17
History, Books
History in the Margins  
April 2018 16
History, Dress English Silks Worn at Tredegar House Oct 2009
History, Education Thomas Howell (1485-1537) Oct 2011 12
History, Estates Cyfarthfa Castle June 2010
History, Estates Fonmon, The St John Family and Bolingbroke Sept 2013
History, Estates St Fagans Castle and the ‘Other’ Earls
Feb 2012
History, Estates The Mineral Collection of Lady Henrietta Antonia Clive Oct 2011
History, Estates Who Lived at Stackpole Court? Sept 2014 18
History, Food Remembering the White Ox of Nannau
Feb 2010  4
History, Industrial Blaenavon: Percy Carlyle Gilchrist & Sydney Gilchrist Thomas April 2017 9
History, Industrial Children in Mines
Oct 2011 14
History, Industrial China: The Criminal District of Merthyr Tydfil (1830-1840) June 2013 9
History, Industrial Dinorwig ’69: The End of the Line for One of the Largest Slate Quarries in the World 
June 2010 5
History, Industrial Tynewydd Disaster: Mission Accomplished  Oct 2012 11
History, Industrial Michael Edmonds: A Tribute Sept 2014 17
History, Industrial & Social Dr Henry Naunton Davies (1828-1899) Oct 2018 11
History, Mining The Letter in the Lamp: The South Wales Coal-Miners’ Hunger March   
Oct 2016 18 
History, Modern Yanks in the Rhondda
Oct 2010 15
HIstory, Music Charles Dickens in Merthyr Tydfil
June 2012 16
History, Music Romantic World of Ivor Novello March 2015 26
History: Music The Pibgorn
Oct 2019   12
History: Numismatics
Coin from the Cardiff Mint
April 2019   18
History: Numismatics The Story of Commonwealth Coins   April 2017   19
History, Roman Equus - Roman Cavalry Oct 2015 4
History, Politics Five Days of Freedom: Chartists in Llanidloes
June 2011 14
History: Social
Billy the Seal
April 2019    20
History, Social Blaenavon: Percy Carlyle Gilchrist & Sydney Gilchrist Thomas
April 2017
History, Social
Drinking Punch in the 18th Century
Feb 2012 19
History, Social
Hooks, Wheels & Rag Dolls
June 2012 15
History, Social
John Christopher - Man of No Letters
Feb 2011 12
History, Social Ladies of Llangollen
April 2018 14
History, Social Llandudno Revisited 
April 2018 18
History, Social Rev John Cynddylan Jones and the SS Bala April 2017 15
History, Social Single Parenthood in the 18th Century
Feb 2011 4
History: Social Tea with Burton
Oct 2019    22
History: Social
Walking the Archives: Taking Archives to the People
April 2019    21
History, Social Welsh Suffragists and Suffragettes Oct 2018 21
History, Social When Nelson Came to Merthyr
June 2011 18
History, Social Witch Bottles & Healing Charms
Oct 2011 5
History, Social, Wales 
John Dwnn: Renaissance Welshman   
April 2018 4
History: Social & Art: Prints
Elizabeth Phillips Hughes & Kunisada Utegawa
April 2019      4
History: Social & Museum: St Fagans
A Far Cry from the Past
Oct 2019     3
History, Wales A Roman Belt Buckle
Feb 2011 5
History, Wales Benjamin Malkin: A View of South Wales in 1803
Sept 2014 10
History, Wales Cathays Cemetery: Dead Cats, The Spanish Consul’s Daughter and a Severed Leg
Feb 2010 18
History, Wales Daniel Defoe in Wales
March 2014 8
History, Wales Gerald of Wales
Oct 2009 4
History, Wales Gwell Angau Na Gwarth: The Murder of Annie Dorothy Lawrence
Oct 2016 19
History, Wales Henry Tudor’s March through Wales March 2015 9
History, Wales Henry Williams, Llancarfan: 18th Century Clockmaker
Oct 2016 13
History, Wales Hilary Clinton’s Welsh Ancestry   
Oct 2016 20
History, Wales Hywel Dda
Feb 2011 16
History, Wales Lidos & Public Baths in Wales
Feb 2011 16
History, Wales Old Cures: Amgueddfa Cymru's Materia Medica Collection
Feb 2011 8
History, Wales Peoples Collection Wales (PCW) Programme April 2017 22
History, Wales Pontypridd Bridge and William Edwards Oct 2015 19
History: Wales Ruperra Castle: A Poignant Memorial
Oct 2019   19
History, Wales St Melangell   April 2017 7
History: Wales
The Newport Medieval Ship
April 2019   13
History, Wales Ty Mawr and a Bishop of Llandaff
March 2014 19
History, Wales A Genius for Publicity: Lady Llanover (Gwenynen Gwent)
Feb 2012 4
History, War, Mining Rhondda Coal & the Jellicoe Specials Oct 2015 7
History, War, Mining When Dai Became Tommy March 2015 13
History, Women, Science Women at Work Oct 2015 10

Language, Law and Literature

Category Article
Language, English
Can I Misquote You On That? June 2011 19 
Language, English We Are Not Amazed June 2010 21
Law Welsh Legal Identity June 2012
Lilterature, Poetry Alun Lewis: A Welsh Discovery Oct 2010 18 
Literature, Print Private Press Books: Recent Additions to the Museum’s Library
June 2010 17 
Literature, Welsh War Poets: Hedd Wyn
Oct 2011 17 

Museum,  Music

Category Article Edition
Museum Volunteering at Amgueddfa Cymru
Oct 2018 4
Museum, Caerleon Young Archaeologisits at Amgueddfa Cymru Oct 2015 23
Museum, Exhibition British Passion for Landscape March 2015 7
Museum, Exhibition Lle Hanes Stand at the National Eisteddfod
April 2016 17
Museum, Exhibition The Great War: Efforts and  Ideals March 2015 8
Museum, Exhibition Who Decides? Exhibition
April 2018 20
Museum, Friends Hugh Jones: A Tribute June 2011 17
Museum, Friends Our President: Pat Kernick        
Oct 2010
Museum, Friends Pat Kernick: A Tribute
Oct 2018 19
Museum, Galleries Where Shall We Take Them Today? Feb 2011
Museum, History First World War Commemoration March 2014 4
Museum, History Searching for Hetty Edwards
Oct 2018 7
Museum, National New post-1950 Galleries at National Museum Cardiff Oct 2010 12
Museum, Patrons Becoming a Patron Oct 2015 9
Museum, Personnel Wales in Miniature: A Memory of Douglas A. Bassett
June 2012 14
Museum, Personnel T.H.Thomas (1839-1915): A Founding Father of the National Museum of Wales March 2014 9
Museum, Personnel Trefor Meredith Owen: Curator Welsh Folk Museum (1971-1987)
April 2016 14
Museum, Politics Protect or Project: Wales’s Cultural Dilemma Oct 2010 17
Museum, Slate 40th Anniversary of the National Slate Museum June 2012  10
Museum, St Fagans Making History at St Fagans June 2010 11
Museum, St Fagans Creu Hanes - Making History: Transforming St Fagans June 2012 10
Museum, St Fagans The Future Is Now: Collecting Contemporary Life at St Fagans National History Museum 
Feb 2012 13
Museum: St Fagans Redeveloping St Fagans: A New Kind of Museum
April 2019    24
Museum, St Fagans Saints in the Window 1
March 2015 24
Museum, St Fagans Saints in the Window 2: St Margaret and the Dragon   
Oct 2016 24 
Museum, Trust A Backward Glance  June 2011 9
Museum, Wool National Wool Museum: Made in Wales
Oct 2012 16 
Music, Craft
Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2009
Feb 2010
Music, Opera
Galuppi and Goldini
Oct 2009 19 
Music, Poplular Fred Godfrey: Music Maker Extraordinary
Oct 2011 18
Music, Welsh The Welsh Crwth: A New Discovery within an Old Instrument
June 2013 15 


Category Article Edition
Science Science and Shakespeare
Oct 2018 13
Science, Biochemistry Energy in Creation, Honeybees and Obesity June 2013 4
Science, Biology Georg Dionysius Ehret March 2014
Science, Biology The Importance of Taxonomy
Oct 2018 20
Science, Botany Alive or Dead: Resurrection Plants
Sept 2014 13
Science, Botany Conserving Kew Garden’s Wax Orchid Flower Collection Feb 2012 10
Science, Botany Drawn from Nature: Botanical Illustrations Oct 2009 6
Science, Botany The Ghost Orchid: One of Britain’s Rarest Plants
March 2014 13
Science, Chemistry A Skatole Story
Feb 2012 6
Science, Chemistry E. A. Moelwyn Hughes: A Lost Welsh Intellectual? Oct 2012
Science, Conservation Preventive Conservation March 2015 19
Science, Creatures Dance Flies from Chile Feb 2013 16
Science, Creatures Ghost Slug: A Diet of Worms
Feb 2010  19
Science, Creatures Peregrine Update
Oct 2009 23
Science, Creatures Secrets of the Ammonites June 2010 22
Science, Creatures Species New to Science: Shovelhead Worms from Around the World
June 2013 13
Science, Creatures The Cave Spider Hunt
June 2011 16
Science, Creatures The Ghost Slug March 2015 11
Science, Ecology Biodiversity and Sustainability
Oct 2010
Science, Geology Fossil Reptile From Penarth Feb 2011 15
Science, Health Madness not to Stay Safe around Mercury Sept 2014
Science, History Michael Faraday in Wales
Sept 2013
Science, Palaeontology Wales' newest dinosaur Oct 2015 21
Science, Wildlife Unknown Wales Conference
June 2013 10

Travel & Visits

Category Article
Travel: England
Art & History in Northumbria
Oct 2019    30
Travel, Europe Alsace-Lorraine & The Black Forest Feb 2013 13
Travel, Europe
Art & Culture of ValenciaJune 2012 17
Travel: Europe Art & History of Belfast
April 2019   30
Travel, Europe The Art, Antiquituies and Culture of Ancient Rome April 2018   30
Travel, Europe Classic Naples and the Amalfi Coast March 2015 30
Travel, Europe
Highlights of Holland
Oct 2018 28
Travel, Europe Turin
Oct 2015 19
Travel, World Celebrating Twenty-one Years Oct 2015 15
Visit, England Broadway and Sezincote Oct 2015 30
Visit, England Corsham Oct 2009 15
Visit: Wales Cardigan Castle & The National Coracle Centre
April 2019    29
Visit, Wales
Visit to Caerleon
Oct 2018 30
Visit, Wales Ogmore & Ewenny June 2011 12

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